Just a little research

Mistakes happen-sometimes we can see where we went wrong, other times, well, lets just say life can be a bitch.


Most mistakes however, come down to one thing – lack of research!!!.


Take a cat for example. On deciding to get a cat, i and maybe many others had images in my head of a cute, fluffy, appreciative companion with which to share my precious time. Images of cuddling up together on the sofa, sharing treats and maybe even exchanging loving gazes whilst “communicating” with my new best friend.


Had i done just a little research into the subject, i would have been more prepared for the fact that those images were about to be cruelly shattered.

I got the cute and fluffy but there the similarity ends. Cats, it turns out, are generally far from appreciative. In fact, they will reward your love and endless devotion with a disdainful look or complete ignorance of any attempt to “communicate”.

Of course they will show the minimum required amount of love in order to get their food bowl refilled(a skill that any self respecting cat learns very early on).

Now as far as the cat is concerned, he expects nothing less than a full menu choice served with love from a gleaming feed bowl, however, realising that only the snobby cat down the road actually gets this level of service, will usually settle, with reluctance, for his favourite pouch/tin.

And here is where the fun starts.

Do not – i repeat – do not under any circumstances, think you can slip that little worming tablet into his food unnoticed. Believe me, he will notice. Maybe we give off silent signals only detectable to cats that we are attempting to trick them with underhand tactics. Who knows how they know but THEY WILL KNOW.


Your attempt at lovingly reassuring this unassuming bundle of fur at your feet that you have not “doctored” their only source of food(any self respecting cat owner will by now know that this is highly unlikely to be the case), will be met with an upturned nose and a look of pure horror that you – YOU – of all people could try and be so deceitful.


So, you’ve tried doing it the kind way, now you will likely find yourself explaining to said bundle of fluff that you gave him a chance but he rejected your kind offer so now that dreaded worming tablet must be inserted the hard way. The fact that you are having a full blown conversation with an animal that neither understands nor quite frankly gives a shit is neither here nor there – the end result is going to be the same. BLOOD, probably lots of it and none of it likely to belong to said cat.


What follows can probably be best described as pure carnage. What seemed like a simple task of holding this small bundle of fluff, gently prising open his gentle mouth and calmly popping in the tiny tablet will instead become a battle of wills and super human strength, flying fur, loud screaching(from both of you), bites, scratches, accusations of attempted murder and end with a soggy no longer usable tablet smeared all over your hands, arms and face and a cat rapidly dissapearing outside to express his horror at this inhumane treatment. Of course he will get plenty of sympathy and understanding from his furry friends.

The final straw comes when you admit defeat and booked a vets appointment so that he can deal with your violent, vicious fur ball, only for the cat to sit quietly and patiently then politely opens his mouth at the lightest touch from the vet who simply pops the tablet in to be immediately swallowed.

You leave the vets with your head hung low and your wallet much lighter.

More on cats next time


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